Our Mission.

By working together with people living in poverty, community organizations and government, we are dedicated to substantially reducing the number of people who live in poverty in Greater Saint John.

Our Principles.

Public commitment to reduce poverty

  • Community and business leaders committed to action

  • Listen to and involve people living in poverty

  • Focus on longer-term "break the cycle" solutions

  • Emphasis on partnerships

  • Sustainable, comprehensive and integrated approaches

  • Business approach - research, analyze, plan, act, measure and improve

  • Accountable to our stakeholders and our community

  • Catalyst (not "service") role

  • Raise the profile of poverty, the solutions (and our partners), not BCAPI

  • Minimize requests to government until planning is complete


Our Priorities.

Close the Education Achievement Gap”

Help every child succeed from “cradle to career”

  • Low income families receive high quality early childhood education.

  • Early literacy interventions are in place that enable every child to achieve provincial grade 2 literacy standards;

  • Low income children and youth are engaged in enriched educational opportunities, in school and after school, 12 months of the year.

  • Targeted interventions are in place for at-risk high school students to help them graduate and be ready for post-secondary education, training and employment.

  • At-risk adults receive employment training that enables them to find employment and stay employed.

  • Rigorous evaluation allows Saint John to measure and report on progress.

  • Community practices and Government policies embed and sustain effective solutions that bring return on investments.

Our Strategy.


Our Focus.


BCAPI’s primary focus is increasing the opportunities for children, youth and single-parents, who live in poverty, to achieve their education, from cradle to career.

BCAPI’s secondary focus is the provision of adequate resources in low income neighbourhoods and their schools to enable low income families to improve their wellbeing, work toward economic self-sufficiency, and feel valued as contributing members of a vibrant city.

Our Role.

BCAPI is a poverty reduction "CATALYST", undertaking to:

  • Inform

  • Influence

  • Facilitate