Poverty Studies - 2000, 2010

Poverty can significantly impact a community’s socio-economic success. When BCAPI organized in 1997, the poverty level in Saint John was 27%. BCAPI decided to investigate the issue further to fully understand the root cause and what could be done to help those in need break the cycle of poverty.

With the help and support of J.D. Irving Ltd., BCAPI engaged Deloitte to conduct a study of poverty in Saint John in 2000 to provide BCAPI with direction and focus for its initiatives, as well as to serve as a benchmark for evaluation of progress. The study yielded a series of recommendations that would serve as BCAPI’s roadmap for the next several years.

Over the decade from 2000-2010, the poverty level in the City of Saint John dropped from 27% to 22% and child poverty had been reduced from 34% to 28% (Statistics Canada). But these levels were still higher than provincial and national levels.

In 2010, with the help of J.D. Irving Ltd., BCAPI engaged Deloitte again to study poverty in Saint John for the purpose of evaluating progress and guiding its focus for the future. The 2010 Poverty Study confirmed that much had been accomplished, but that more was required to sustain the momentum of the good work being done.

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